City Hackathon #6

City Solutions the City held a hackathon No. 6, on the theme: Development of public transport in the city of Semey. The event was held by one of the initiators of the project City Solutions – Pavel Koktyshev! The event was organized jointly in ZhasCamp.
Training Paul began by explaining what the City Hackathon, a new format of discussion forums aimed at the development of specific solutions to specific problems. The hackathon was held on the methodology “Design thinking”, developed at Stanford University. In the process, the participants, working in teams, set clear tasks and timeframes. Summing up, the teams will present their idea or prototype.
The first stage of the training was out of town participants and a trip on public transport to see the problems faced daily by residents of the city of Semey.
Team training, returning, discussed problems and found solutions. presentations on the solution to the problems of public transport in Semey.

Team ride on public transportation under the number №56. The team conducted a social survey and identified issues such as: do not clean interior of public transport, grip passengers and assignments, the route does not comply with the work schedule. Public transport from 23:00 or 00:00 and the maximum to 20:00. After conducting this study, the team suggested solutions:
1. To install at bus stops wi-fi, install the mini-library so that the passengers pass the time waiting for transport.
2. To install the mobile application on the basis of a City Bus, only to develop it under the city of Semey. This will help the citizens of the city to monitor the presence of transport.
3. Add grab bars for passengers.
4. Start night route in the city of Almaty – Night Express.

Operating time from 20:00 to 05:00 am. The travel from 80 to 100 tenge.