City Hackathon #5

August 13, held a hackathon, No. 5, on the theme: “Parks – places for the citizens” The event was organized by the City Solutions in conjunction with the Foundation for socio-cultural development “TOBE” the Center of development of Almaty and the Almaty community of Global Shapers! The meeting was held in the Open cultural space – Art Lane.
Only in 4 hours the participants of the brainstorm has developed ideas and prototypes to improve parks.
Participants were provided a study on the parks of Almaty held the Center of development of Almaty, in which was studied all the parks and squares of the city – comfort and infrastructure. Indicators of level of comfort are:
• trends in the development of public spaces (art-sites);
• accessibility and architectural landscape (walkways, stairs, benches);
• the General condition of the Park (cleanliness, landscaping, lighting, area);
• the popularity of the Park (target audience, areas of interest).
This question became a topic for discussion and elaboration of proposals within the Urban Hackathon No. 5. Divided into groups, the participants were instructed and began to develop their proposals. To get a more accurate understanding of the parks, the participants walked around the Park to them.28 Panfilov and Central Park of culture and rest, and then made interesting insights that helped in the design ideas:
Idea # 1: Mobile app “Go to the Park”
To develop a mobile app about all the parks that are located in the city of Almaty. Call it – “Go to the Park” (TRANS. ed. “Go to the Park”). This app will have three sections: personal account, Billboard and search.
• Section “Personal Cabinet” is responsible for user registration, editing personal data, contains the function of “comments/comment”, and send friend requests to other Park visitors.
• The section “Events” contains information about upcoming events that will take place in a certain Park. Also any person or company can send a request to the Park administration for permission to hold the event in the Park.
• The section “Search” is responsible for finding bike paths and Jogging trails in the Park, or which Park you should not go if You have allergies. Also, “Search” will have the function “Who’s there?” – this option will allow you to find people by location, which was in the Annex and walk into the Park, where You are.
Also, this app will be a “Gallery” so that users could choose the Park for a walk.
Idea # 2: “let there be – light!”
The campaign is aimed at providing lighting in all city parks! The idea about Park lighting, first of all, carries the goal to protect human being in the Park in the dark. In order to cover all parks of Almaty City, the participants of the Hackathon No. 5 suggested next steps:
• To organize a signature petition (to collect more than 2,000 signatures on the necessary lighting of parks);
• Petition the city Administration;
• Find partners and sponsors (to attract the attention of companies that can implement the lighting in parks);
• Park lighting (to highlight the most vulnerable the dark places, human security).

These ideas will be presented to the city administration for information.
The project is implemented with the financial support of Soros Foundation Kazakhstan.