City Hackathon #4

For the first time in the Almaty region on July 23, in the city of Taldykorgan in the building of the Center for Servicing Youth held the City Hakaton, on the theme: City without vandalism! The organizers of this event are the Public Foundation ” Fund “TOBE”(City Solutions) and the Youth Service Center of Almaty Region.

Cases of vandalism in the city of Taldykorgan still not rare. This, in turn, is that the vandals consistently spoil the city property in public areas. Broken and sprayed public transport stops, benches, trash cans, lamps and even the poles of street lighting. Especially suffers from vandals of city school №14, where painted on the walls of the toilet are not decent words at the stands of each class also meet the painted posters. Also, vandalism in the city, which, as we know, has not yet completed the reconstruction, and has many objects and small groups in need of repair or replacement. This question became a topic for discussion and elaboration of proposals within the Urban Hackathon.
Urban Hackathon was opened by the Director OF “Fund for social and cultural development “TOBE” – Dana Shayakhmet. Telling the participants about the methodology “Design thinking”, in which it was organized. After, participants were shown several slides with pictures of vandalism in the city. After the presentation, the participants were divided into teams and began generating ideas about how to eradicate vandalism in the city of Taldykorgan. In one hour, the team studied the issue and generated their ideas. Six teams presented their ideas and prototypes:
Idea # 1: Broken benches
The solution is to Use the social network for the pursuit of vandalisms. Anyone can make a photo of act of vandalism on a mobile phone and send a photo to a public group in Vkontakte “Citizen”. After that published online material about the vandalism is published in the media.
Idea # 2: the Desecration of monuments
Solution: Set the warning signs “Is video”. And also, to include in school curricula a course on “I love my city”, which tells about the history of the city, and that such vandalism. There begin to educate young people at school.

Idea # 3: Throwing garbage on the street
Solution: record action on video/photo-taking and upload to social network the “Total control”. To connect to the work of the Internal forces to organize squad “”of Young assistants of the police””, in order to commit an act of vandalism. And also, to impose a fine for violation of the order and to make social testing for the caused damage to the city. To organize actions such as: “The pure area”, “care”, “Eco control” and create conversations in the mosques about the wrongness of vandalism.

Idea # 4: Damage to sports grounds
The solution is to install surveillance equipment on the Playground with four sides and ensure the safety of the site by hiring security guards.
Idea # 5: the destruction of children’s playgrounds
Solution: create a club page on social networks “the Best house in town” with different sub-themes: “Security”, “Cleanliness”, “Events”, “Suggestions”, “Turn on duty”, “fundraiser”. To organize sports and entertainment events. Thus each courtyard will have its own group in a social network, where every yard will be able to spread information materials about your yard.

Idea # 6: Vandalism in the man
Solution: remove and run a positive, social videos around the city on the ice-screens, to remove commercials against vandalism and to publish them in social networks. To include positive music in the city parks. Put up signs around town that says “Save your city”.

Project of Urban Hackathon is the initiative of the City Solutions project, with the financial support of Soros Foundation Kazakhstan. Information and news about the project can be found on the website