City Hackathon #3

On june 18th, in Almaty zoo hackathon city №3 was held, devoted to the question of how to make overall experience of visiting Almaty zoo friendlier and safer. Total of 4 hours, participants brainstorm ideas and prototypes developed for the zoo to became friendlier and safer. Participants were provided with a report on the zoo. Currently, zoological collection consists of more than 5,000 specimen representing nearly 350 species. In the cis countries and the world, the zoo is particularly known for the species of birds of prey. The following year, the zoo will be celebrating 80 years old anniversary. The most outstanding period for the zoo was the 70s and 80s, when elephants and hippos were born. The presentation also revealed problems with the collection – an aging population, animals without pairs, and a large number of surplus animals. In addition to these problems, the number of visitors has decreased in comparison with the soviet period. This question was main subject of discussion and formation of proposals within the city hackathon. Divided into groups, the participants were briefed and have begun to develop their proposals. To get a more accurate understanding of the operation of the zoo, participants walked through the area and made interesting findings that have helped with ideas:

Idea 1. Information boards the team has proposed to involve visitors in the life of the zoo pets by posting personal information in the form of tablets, narrated from the animal’s perspective. The team has produced a prototype tablets, based on the example of white tian-shan bear “Umka”. The story about Umka is in first person. The story talks about the bear, where he was born, about his parents and brothers, about environment, their diet and characteristics of its kind. Finally, he tells the facts about bears, supplementing them with a list of books, and films, where more can be learned about bears. thus, Umka builds friendship with visitors. for visitors of the zoo animals cease to be impersonal, and become friends in the face Umka and other animals.

Idea 2: fascinating quest shows for zoo visitor the entrance, near box offices touch screens should be installed, which will showcase quest games. Interested visitors are invited to answer three questions. Depending on the answers, the participants are divided into teams: carnivorous, herbivorous, reptile, and receive icons / stickers in based on type. Each team will follow special signs on route. Also, each route will have corresponding products or services. For example, for “flesh-eating” category – red smoothie, juice red, all red products, if the “herbivore” – green juice, green ice cream and much more. This quest will make every visit memorable and special!

The idea №3: “petting zoo” in the zoopetting zoo – it is an amazing zoo, where children and adults will be able to observe at close range and communicate with animals. Each visitor will be able to pet, feed, and even take pictures with an animal. Petting zoo can be divided into several categories, based on animal types or on certain theme.

the idea №4: art playground at the zoo create art area inside the zoo within a tent, where it will be possible to conduct master classes, show films, create yoga, and co-working space, conduct a mini-productions for children. Also, it provides an opportunity to connect to wi-fi, so that people can go online to read online books and more. This idea will increase the attendance of visitors to the zoo, as well as give a new identity to Almaty zoological park.

The idea №5: bracelet ticket instead of paper tickets to the zoo bracelets of different colors should be sold as a ticket. Each visitor will be handed out at the checkout different rubber bracelets branded with «Almaty zoo» logo and indicating the date of visit. Thus, every time when a visitor comes to the zoo, buying a ticket, he/she will be issued branded bracelets. This will reduce the waste of paper and save trees, and each visitor will receive a stylish bracelet.