City Hackathon #1


Taking care of our planet begins with our own apartments, and we do not just want to discuss the issue of segregation of garbage, but also to develop real solutions,”” – that was the story of the event. Information about the upcoming hackathon was spread on social networks, more than 30 people responded to the invitation to take part in brainstorm. They were representatives of socially active and entrepreneurial young people. Different paper formats, markers, pens and other office supplies required for creativity were at their disposal.

The moderator of the event was Pavel Koktyshev, director of business incubator most, where, in fact, the event took place. Tt was immediately clear that he studied at Stanford University. Pavel separated brainstorm time on the steps and tasks.

“”We divided the participants into groups and started brainstorming. as a result, the participants shared interesting ideas for sorting solid waste, principles of which can later be applied in almaty, – one of the organizers of the event adilzhan syddyk said on one of the social networks – in kazakhstan there is lack of understanding when it comes to seriousness of the problem of solid waste accumulation. the country has already accumulated more than 40 billion tons of waste which is a serious figure. the result is that the air became polluted, causing harm to human body. if the situation does not change, we might choke on our own waste. “”

Each group chose a specific topic for brainstorming, and then shared the results.batteries running low?

Nazerke Kulzhabay was a presenter for a group which has chosen the following theme “”recycling batteries””:- of all the categories of waste, batteries are the most harmful to the environment, – said nazerke. – they must be disposed of separately. a single penlight battery can pollute 400 litters of water, or 20 square meters of land. speaking on this subject, i want to mention the problem of the small number of collection points for recycling batteries. The most optimal solution, in our opinion, is to place containers in stores and shops of electronic equipment. you can motivate people by special events, such as: “”bring four old batteries, get a new one.”” Interest from the shops would be a possibility of indirect advertising by means of these containers. The next group of ideas was presented by Vyacheslav Popov:

– The essence of our proposal is as follows: having examined the problem from all sides, as well as the experience of other countries that have already introduced a separate collection of waste, we have come to conclusion that the individual measures are not limited here. You may remember that a few years ago, as part of an experiment, separate garbage bins of different colours have been introduced? me being a decent citizen, had to carefully explain to my family members why it is important, and then organised separate collection of waste at home, then for a while taught my daughter to throw waste into the container, which corresponds to the appropriate waste stream. I was even arguing with neighbours who did not participate in recycling, at that time they were twisting their finger at their temple and would say, “”do you need it more than anyone else, or what?””. This civil initiative ended when i saw that all waste is collected into one waste collection vehicle without separation by type – compress and take away!

We decided to offer our own version that covers necessary full cycle. The production line should mark their products with the sign of possible recycling or mandatory specialisation. Once purchased, goods should be placed into appropriately coloured bags that match the content, which would later be used to throw waste into.